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If you haven’t noticed, we like to stand out.

Our rentals are no different.

First, there’s the routes that come free with your rental. We don’t just turn you loose to wonder unfamiliar roads alone. Instead, we pick our personal favorite roads, focusing on the most scenic and safest routes, and we add our favorite stops for a yummy treat or scenic stroll. Your bike routes not only include turn-by-turn directions, but also a bit of an explanation of all the amazing sites you’ll be seeing here in the heart of Pennsylvania’s Amish country. Best part? The routes exist on an app that can be easily uploaded to your smart phone, giving you audible turn-by-turn directions…in the language your phone is set to! We also have physical route cards that can be clipped to your bicycle’s handlebars.

And then there’s the bikes. Customers always marvel at the condition of our fleet, which includes road bikes, hybrid bikes, electric bicycles, and, in Lititz, cyclocross bikes. Bikes are never more than two seasons old. They’re chosen for their comfort and reliability and constantly tuned and scrubbed. If you’re not sure which bike is right for you, don’t hesitate to call for a recommendation!  We have an extensive selection of bikes and routes in both Intercourse and Lititz. We do, however, strongly recommend the Intercourse location for self-guided tours, especially with younger or inexperienced riders. There, you’ll find quieter streets and more Amish culture (expect to see horse drawn plows and meticulously kept farmhouses).

MULTI-DAY DISCOUNTS and CONCIERGE DELIVERY to your hotel or B&B are available. For multi-day reservations, please call us at (717) 929-0327.

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