Bike Tours Lancaster County PA

Bike Tours

Humor us for a second.

Imagine yourself pedaling a bicycle, fresh air filling your lungs. You wave at an Amish farmer who’s out tending to his fields. He smiles warmly and waves back. A baby goat runs along with you as you pass its pasture. You cross a covered bridge, see children playing at an Amish school, and just when you’ve worked up an appetite, you stop at a quaint café to refuel.

This, my friends, is what our bicycle tours are all about. They’re an experience completely unique to themselves, never equaled in a car ride, never quite possible on foot.

We invite you to join us, either with one of our awesome guides, or on your own self-guided tour. Either way, you’re in for an experience you’ll never forget.

Our tours depart from both our Intercourse and our Lititz locations. Each starting point offers a rich selection of routes, ranging in length from short and sweet to long and challenging.

Have a small group and want a private tour? Not a problem. Call us at (717) 929-0327 and we will create something special just for your group.

Upcoming Tours

  • Intercourse Amish Dinner Tour Intercourse Amish Dinner Tour

    Our #1 Rated Experience: We take you by van to our starting point, about 15 minutes away. This casual 8-mile ride winds through some…

  • Private Tour Private Tour

    Just Your Group on a Ride Designed Especially for You We’ll design something spectacular! Lots of folks can’t make the dates for our advertised…

  • Private Electric Bike Tour Private Electric Bike Tour

    Did you know Intercourse has the highest concentration of Amish residents of any area of Lancaster County? We’ll explore the peaceful beauty of local…

  • Self-Guided Bike Tour Self-Guided Bike Tour

    Wanna go at your own pace, but still learn lots about Lancaster? We’ve got ya covered. With our self-guided tours, you can take your…

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